The most discreet residential mental health treatment in the heart of London

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We are so much more than a treatment centre

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Meticulously crafted treatment, one patient at a time

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Curated care for every challenge. Because everything we do is centred around you

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At Harbor, we are so much more than a treatment centre

We are a safe space – a haven for exceptional individuals to receive discreet, personalised, 
in-patient treatment and care.

Here, you’ll have access to some of the world’s best medical care. Here, you’ll be surrounded by a team, handpicked in response to your diverse needs, where every aspect of your health and wellness journey is meticulously curated.

What we treat

Curated care, for every challenge

Neurodiversity, mental health, addiction, physical comorbidities – we understand the complex interplay between them.

That’s why we offer such a comprehensive, all-encompassing level of one-client-at-a-time care. So we are able to consider each aspect of your health and wellness needs, and deliver the most effective form of treatment for you as an individual, and as a whole.

Our client

I would like to thank Harbor from the bottom of my heart for saving my partners life. My partner was near death from his addictions. You have given my children their dad back, I am forever grateful.

Alcohol Addiction Patient

How we work

Find the life you want, right here

At Harbor, we believe in treating the whole person. This means considering the mental and physical aspects of your health – and from there, providing a holistic route to optimal wellness.

We also understand that true healing – long-lasting healing – involves more than just dealing with the surface-level symptoms. That’s why our approach focuses, first and foremost, on identifying, and then tackling, the root causes at the heart of your issues – in turn, empowering you to make lasting changes and live your best life.

Whether you are seeking relief from chronic pain, striving to improve your mental well-being, or aiming for overall wellness, we are here to support you.
Where we treat you

24/7 care, in the heart of the city

Our experience has taught us the importance of creating a supportive environment that fosters healing and growth. It’s why we offer such a wide array of exceptional quality residencies, each meticulously designed around the individual’s needs.

From elegant townhouses to modern apartments, our spaces provide a comfortable and nurturing retreat where you can focus on your wellness journey. Located in the vibrant city of London, our luxurious residencies offer a familiar, stimulating environment designed to enhance the effectiveness of your treatment.

The services we provide

Comprehensive treatments, full-spectrum support

Therapeutic guidance

From exploring familial dynamics through adult sibling therapy, to delving into subconscious patterns and behaviours with hypnotherapy, we offer a wide range of therapeutical techniques.

Each therapy is carefully selected based on your unique challenges and goals – in turn, allowing you to better understand yourself, and develop effective coping strategies that promote lasting change.

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Psychosocial interventions

Our interventions draw from evidence-based practices such as behavioural activation, which focuses on increasing engagement in positive activities, and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which helps you identify and challenge unhelpful thought patterns.

Our all-encompassing approach addresses the underlying factors contributing to your issues, empowering you to build self-esteem and inner strength.

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Healthcare services

Our medically led healthcare services include dietetics and nutritional support, as well as genetic testing to assess your unique health profile. Our team of healthcare professionals is committed to helping you achieve optimal physical health and wellbeing, so you can live a vibrant and fulfilling life – whatever you want that to be.

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Arabic services

Culturally aware, 
Arab-speaking support

We understand the diverse challenges and cultural sensitivities that Arab-speaking individuals may face when seeking treatment for addiction, eating disorders, or mental health issues.

With a dedicated Arab-speaking team, we are the only place in London where you can experience exceptional quality, fully curated care, and utter discretion.

Whether you live and work in the UK, or you are looking to come into our care from overseas, we provide an in-patient, culturally empathetic environment where you can journey towards optimal health and wellbeing, judgement-free.